At West Coast Industrial Systems, our primary value is to provide a safe working environment for all employees, subcontractors, visitors and vendors both at our central location and our off-site field locations. While productivity, cost and quality are core business values, we will not compromise safety for their sake. Every member of our staff work with owners, subcontractors, and each employer, to ensure that all work contracted is conducted in a safe manner.

The same thoroughness and intensity of thought will be placed on our safety management as is placed on all other aspects of our business management. This includes setting standards of performance and the expectation of continuous improvement. We will comply with all state and federal safety regulations

Working safely is a condition of employment at West Coast Industrial Systems.
Each of our employees are expected to perform their assigned tasks safely and with a high degree of awareness of the hazards associated with those tasks. All employees are expected to participate in the control and/or elimination of hazards, as well as encourage the safe behaviors of others.

Training is essential and no employee will be permitted to perform a task unless he/she has been properly trained and can demonstrate that task’s safe performance. All employees are expected to adhere to these training requirements.

We have established these safety commitments as our closely held values and pride ourselves in communicating safety expectations in a visible and inspiring manner.

We support our safety values with the following principles:

  • All employees are valued assets.
  • Everything we do can be done safely.
  • Nothing we do is worth getting injured.
  • Safe behavior is an expectation of employment.